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About us

A little about our site and us; my name is Shawna and I made my website and clothing store in honor of my rainbow baby Tinsley, the hope at the end of our storm. My husband and I lost our first daughter at 36 hours old. Hardest thing we have ever been through. Then we got pregnant with our little rainbow baby two years later and couldn’t be happier! We decided to find a way to doll our gorgeous girl up and increase our income to give our miracle the life she deserves! I want our angel baby to look down and be proud of momma for not allowing grief to keep me down, I will always continue to strive for the best life possible for our princess. And I also enjoy sharing these quite adorable outfits with everyone else! I want everyone’s little loves to get cute outfits for a great price!
Tins&Co offers seasonal fashion collections for little boys and girls of all different ages. In the fall, expect to be dazzled by special occasion outfits for the holidays, as well as the most adorable playwear featuring delightful cozy, cuddly fabrics. With the onset of spring the collections offer flower dresses, easter perfect outfits, summery sunsuits, short sets and more! We know you’ll be wowed each season by our colorful fabrics and timeless silhouettes that any mom or dad would love.
Whether you’re searching for playful baby outfits or the finest in girl’s boutique clothing, you’re certain to find it all here! We are a one stop shop for it all! :)